Open Call for Educators to Submit to the 2015-16 Pilot Project With Steven Van Zandt

Open Call for Educators

The Rock and Roll Forever Foundation (RRFF) is looking for a select group of educators to participate in an upcoming 2015-16 pilot project with Steven Van Zandt. Candidates will be grouped in two categories: those who can do two to three-week units, and those who can do a longer, semester-length or yearlong course. In both cases, the classroom work will be based around the Rock and Roll: An American Story online materials. Participating teachers should be in the tri-state area and able to come to New York City for two professional development sessions. Should funding allow, however, it is possible that select teachers can participate from points beyond.

Those who commit to this pilot project will work directly with Steven Van Zandt and the RRFF team, planning the course work for their classrooms. Teachers will need to provide some form of assurance that their schools and school administrators actively support their collaboration with the RRFF.

In order to apply, potential candidates should submit the following:

- A two-page proposal detailing what they would hope to do in the classroom

- A syllabus that details which among the lesson plans from the website will be used.

We welcome middle and high school educators from Social Studies, General Music, Language Arts, or any discipline that allows for a connection to our materials.

Applications can be sent to