The Rock and Roll Forever Club is a members’ group associated with TeachRock.

For $20/month
(Basic Membership)

You will receive:
  • Welcome letter from Stevie
  • Members-only quarterly e-newsletter with updates and information about the foundation’s work in schools and classrooms nationwide
  • An I TeachRock t-shirt

For $40/month
(Bronze Level Membership)

You will receive all of the above +

Your Bronze Level donation also makes it possible for the RRFF to provide teacher training to a classroom educator in the United States. Such assistance will provide that teacher with hands-on guidance in using the curriculum and the TeachRock resources.

For $80/month
(Silver Level Membership)

You will receive all of the above +

Your Silver Level donation will also provide tuition for one middle or high school teacher to attend RRFF’s four-day intensive Summer Program at New York University.

For $250/month
(Gold Level Membership)

You will receive all of the above +
  • A Sopranos poster personally signed by Steven.

Your donation also provides an opportunity for one RRFF staff educator to present the TeachRock materials at a national conference such as the National Council for the Social Studies or the National Association for Music Education.

For $500/month
(Platinum Level Membership)

You will receive all of the above +
  • DVD of the complete series of The Sopranos, signed by Stevie Van Zandt.

Your Platinum donation also makes it possible to sponsor one teacher to attend the RRFF four-day Summer Teacher workshop in NYC, including: round trip travel, ground transportation, and overnight accommodations for three nights in Manhattan.

For $10,000
(Diamond Membership)

You will have a personal conversation with executive director Dr. Warren Zanes about the RRFF’s work. With him, you’ll get to choose what aspect of the organization’s you’d like to support. In addition, one classroom teacher will get a full year of direct support from the RRFF staff, including involvement in conferences and teacher training events.

Adopt a Teacher/Adopt a Classroom
(Chairman’s Circle)

$25,000 allows the member/donor to adopt one teacher or classroom in their community, or community of their choice for one full academic year. A member of the RRFF will come to your selected classroom to help both the teacher and the students plan a year of TeachRock in the classroom.

You will receive regular personalized updates about the class, and, with a school’s approval, an opportunity to see a class in progress. Adopting a classroom is a wonderful way to become engaged with the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation on a personal level and to deepen the RRFF’s reach into the teacher network. RRFF staff and the classroom teacher will keep you apprised of activities and share success stories. This is your firsthand look into the difference a gift can make in the life of a classroom.

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